If you have one or more Browning Model 1885 High-Wall BPCRs,
besides purchasing a copy of my book, you may be interested in
obtaining an original copy of one of Browning's firearm catalogs listing
your rifle.  Even more valuable to you may be an original catalog
displaying the rifles and published the year your rifle was made.  A
Browning BPCR collector should be especially interested in obtaining
all the Browning literature that displayed and advertised the rifles.

All the Browning BPCRs were manufactured over a 3-year span, 1996
through 1998.  The serial number on your rifle will indicate the year of
manufacture.  The first five characters are numbers, followed by a two-
letter code indicating the year of production: NT for 1996 production,
NR for 1997 rifles and NP for rifles manufactured in 1998.

Although there may have been pamphlets or other sales literature
printed for the introduction of the BPCR line, the .40-65 and .45-70
“standard” BPCRs were first displayed in the USA/Canadian 1996
Hunting & Shooting Equipment catalog.  The USA/Canadian 1997
Hunting & Shooting catalog also advertised the rifles.  The Creedmoor
model first appeared in the 1998 USA/Canadian Hunting & Shooting
catalog and was also listed in the USA/Canadian 1999 Master Catalog.  

Although rifle production ended in late 1998, Browning had BPCR rifles
in inventory until the entire line of Model 1885 rifles was officially
discontinued in the spring of 2001.  The USA/Canadian 2000 catalog
advertised only the .40-65 and .45-70 models, but the European 2000
catalog displayed both the Creedmoor and the standard .40-65 and
.45-70 models.  The USA/Canadian 2001 - 2002 2-year catalog
advertised only the .40-65 and .45-70 models and, from what I can
determine, was the last catalog to advertise the rifles.

The catalogs displayed below are offered for sale. Except where noted,
I have a small number of copies, but quantities are very limited.  Most
are in like new conditions, but being 18 to 24 years old, a few have
minor scratches and cosmetic blemishes.  

Prices do not include shipping. Payment via PayPal or US Postal
Service money orders are preferred, but personal checks are
acceptable as long as you understand I may not ship until the check
clears, which can be up to 10 days. International customers must pay
using PayPal.
Please do not send a PayPal payment or payment in the
mail until you have contacted me via email at texasmac@sbcglobal.net
for availability and shipping amount.
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Items for Sale
Browning Catalogs
1996 Catalog - $5.00
1997 Catalog
*******SOLD OUT********
1998 Catalog
*******SOLD OUT********
1999 Catalog
*******SOLD OUT********
2000 Catalog - $5.00
2001 - 2002 Catalog - $5.00
2001 Dealer Workbook - $10.00
Quoting Warren Miller:
”Don't take life seriously
because you can't come out of
it alive.”
Browning/Winchester BPCR  Spirit Level Vials
Those of you with Miroku manufactured Browning or Winchester BPCRs
may be interested in purchasing replacement spirit level vials to fit the
original globe front sight manufactured by AMT.  Browning no longer
sells replacement vials but I have a supply of acrylic vials that will fit.  
In fact they are much easier to install than the original glass vials & are
nearly impossible to break.  Instructions for replacing the vials will be

The vials are $8.00 each ($15.00 for two) plus $3.
25 shipping.  Shipping
to international locations will require an additional fee.  I recommend
ordering two in case one is damaged during installation or just to have
one as a spare.  I don't know if they will fit other brands or type of
sights.  The vials are approximately 7mm or 0.275" (diameter) by 25mm
or 0.978" (length).  No returns please.
Browning/Winchester BPCR  Front Sight Inserts
These are the original inserts included with the Browning or
Winchester BPCRs.  Many purchase a used rifle that typically only
comes with one insert in the front sight, and need the rest.  They will
also fit Lyman 17A front sights.  The price is $15.00 plus $3.00
shipping.  Shipping to international locations will require an additional
For the following items I accept cash, money orders, personal checks,
cashier checks or PayPal.  No credit cards. Please email me at
texasmac@sbcglobal.net prior to sending funds. I will respond with my
address if required.  When mailing payment, be sure to indicate what
the funds are for and include your shipping address.  Thanks.
Browning/Winchester BPCR  Spirit Tube End Caps
Neither Browning nor AMT (original sight manufacturer) sells
replacement spirit tube end caps.  Since these are glued into the ends
of the tube, many are lost due to the brittle glue breaking loose or
when the spirit vial is replaced.  Due to many requests I decided to
make some on a lathe.  I recommend using RTV glue to hold them in
place.  The price is $6.00 each ($11.00 for two) plus $1.00 shipping.  
Shipping to international locations will require an additional fee.