American Custom Gunmakers Guild (ACGG)
A prestigious association dedicated to the advancement of the art
of custom gun making. Available on the website is a directory of
custom gunsmithing services listing some of the top American
gunsmiths and their contact information.

American Single Shot Rifle Association (ASSRA)
Archives & Library, 800 Wisconsin St. Suite 104; Mail Box 68
Building F13, Eau Claire, WI 54703-3613
Phone: 608-628-0536, Email:
The ASSRA publishes the Single Shot Rifle Journal and maintains an
archive of arms related materials, that are available to anyone who
is researching firearms history, is interested in specific guns and
their values and the technical aspects of their functioning.  
Materials are not limited to single shot rifles, although they are the
basis of the archives collection.  You need not be a member of the
ASSRA to make use of these materials.  Limited research in the
area of your interest is free of charge, but copies of magazine
articles or book chapters are $3 each, and the loan of archives
books is $5 or $10, depending on the number of pages in the book.  
The catalog of materials available can be found at http://www.

Austin Rifle Club (ARC)
The Austin Rifle Club, Inc is a non-profit organization associated
with the NRA, the Texas State Rifle Association, and the Civilian
Marksmanship Program.  Range facilities are located near Austin,
between Manor and
Elgin, and supports seven different shooting
disciplines.  ARC's mission is
to educate the youth of this nation in
the shooting sports and to promote the safe and lawful use of
firearms by these youth, our members and the
general public through education, training, competitions and

The leading supplier of gunsmithing tools, supplies, parts and
accessories.  Brownells stocks many, but not all of the parts for the
Browning & Winchester BPCRs, and some tools to aid in disassembly
and assembly.  Browning & Winchester part numbers are listed for
cross-referencing and/or performing a search on their Internet site.

Browning Arms Company
A leading supplier of high quality sporting firearms and related
products to the USA, Canadian and international markets.

CPA Corporation
Products include made-to-order stocks and forearms for single-shot
rifles including Browning & Winchester BPCRs.  Stocks are semi-
inletted and
will require some fitting and finishing.  Several grades
are available, and either right-hand or left-hand versions.  
Browning & Winchester BPCR forearms are available but are not
advertised on their web site.

Steve Durren (Gunsmith)
Johnson’s Sporting Goods, 3654 N. Adrian Hwy, Adrian, MI 49221,
Phone: (517) 265-2545
Steve is a well-known and respected BPCR gunsmith

Glenn Fewless (Gunsmith)
26721 E. Main Dr., Waterford, Wisconsin 53185, Phone: (262) 534-
Glenn is a “master machinist” and member of the prestigious
American Custom Gunmakers Guild.

John King (Gunsmith)
King Machine Services, P.O. Box 368, Kila, MT 59920,
Phone: (406) 755-5352
John is a well-known and respected BPCR gunsmith.

Mike Lewis (Gunsmith)
8388 JCR 12W, Walden, CO, 80480, Phone: (970) 723-3383
Mike is a well-known and respected BPCR gunsmith.

Macon Gunstocks
Macon makes very reasonable priced stocks for
Winchester/Browning Miroku manufactured 1885 rifles. The stocks
are machine inletted & require some additional hand-inletting to
obtain the correct fit.

A leading supplier of shooting, reloading and hunting products with
an extensive line of gunsmithing equipment, supplies and parts,
second only to Brownells.  A limited number of Browning &
Winchester BPCR parts are offered and are listed as “special order,
30 + days”.  Identify the available parts by performing a search for
“Browning BPCR” on their Internet site.

National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF)
Provides a variety of programs and services designed to support and
represent firearm and firearm accessory retailers and promote
understanding of, and more active participation in, the shooting

Ramax Inc. Wood Conditioners
Makes New Life Wood Moisturizer, a high-quality wood conditioner &
moisturizer containing refined beeswax, which is excellent for use
firearms stocks and forearms to reduce drying and stock

Lee Shaver Gunsmithing
Lee supplies his own line of sights and accessories.  Contact Lee
or go to Buffalo Arms Co. ( for his
products.  Specializes in BPCR gunsmithing, he will modify the
Miroku manufactured trigger sear used in Browning and Winchester
high-wall rifles to reduce the trigger pull to 2lbs or less.  Lee also
works on and tightens up the AMT manufactured Browning and
Winchester BPCR rear sights.  In 2012 he became the publisher of
The Single Shot Exchange Magazine.

Ron Snover (Gunsmith)
IXL Enterprises, 1245 Delta Valley Rd, Greeneville, TN 37745,
Phone: (423) 234-0184, Email:
Ron is a well-known and respected BPCR gunsmith. His product line
includes sight inserts, which will fit the Browning front sight.

Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers’ Institute (SAAMI)
An association of the nation’s leading manufacturers of firearms,
ammunition and components.  SAAMI is tasked with: Creating and
publishing industry standards for safety, interchangeability,
reliability and quality; Coordinating technical data; Promoting safe
and responsible
firearm use.

SPG, Inc
Sells BPCR reloading information, supplies and shooting accessories,
and, arguably, the most popular “commercial” bullet lube for BPCR
shooting.  SPG is also home to the Black Powder Cartridge news

Steve Earle Products, Inc.
Supplies dovetail-type scope blocks for many old and new mounts
for external adjustment target scopes and various rifles including
Browning & Winchester Model 1885s.  Steve makes a custom rail for
mounting up to 23" long vintage-style scopes to the Miroku
manufactured Browning & Winchester BPCRs using the existing
factory holes.

The Single Shot Exchange
The Single Shot Exchange Magazine, also known as the SSE or
is published monthly by Lee Shaver.  The magazine
covers antique and classic firearms with a focus on black powder
cartridge rifles.

John Taylor (Gunsmith)
Taylor Machine, 14119 Military Rd. E, Puyallup, WA 98374
Phone: (253) 445-4073
John is a well-known and respected BPCR gunsmith.

Winchester Repeating Arms
Since 2006 Browning has a long-term licensing agreement with the
Olin Corporation, allowing Browning Arms to manufacture and
distribute Winchester brand firearms.

Yaupon Creek Silhouette Association (YCSA)
YCSA matches are held on a range located on the Brune Ranch &
Cattle Company near Columbus, Texas.  Tom Berwick, a founding
member, is the Vice President and publisher of the Lone Star News,
the monthly YCSA newsletter.  Representing YCSA, Tom provided
the photo of the range for the book cover background image.
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