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By Wayne McLerran

I now own three externally adjustable Fecker ¾” scopes.  Two are mounted on
BPCR silhouette rifles and one on a Stevens 44 .22LR.  Only one came with lens
housing caps (end caps).  Needing two sets of caps I ran across a thread on the
American Single Shot Rifle Association (ASSRA) forum indicating a fellow by
the name of Sam Marshall (aka nuclearcricket) makes steel caps for what I
consider to be an unbeatable price.  Sam has experience making caps for Unertl
scopes but not for Feckers, which are different.  So I sent him an original cap and
the necessary funds for two new sets.

In a couple of weeks the new caps arrived.  They looked great and fit perfectly.  
They’re in the “white” (unblued) with a knurled edge so you’ll have to blue them
if desired.  As of this writing the caps are $10 each ($20 for a set of two) plus
shipping, regardless of the size.  I did not ask but Sam may be willing to make
them in aluminum if you prefer.

Sam has the dimensions for Unertl’s 1&1/4” target scope and now Fecker’s 3/4”
20.5” long scope.  Note: it’s not Fecker’s Small Game Scope but may use the
same caps.  Also note that Unertl and Fecker caps are not the same – dimensions
and thread pitch are different.  Sam indicated, “For any other sizes I am willing to
work with the owner to get caps to fit”.  If you frequent the ASSRA discussion
forum, he can be reached with a PM using his “nuclearcricket” handle.  
Otherwise his contact information is listed below.

Sam Marshall
519 Filbert St.
Curwensville, PA 16833

If you’re like me, the caps get misplaced in range boxes or inadvertently dropped
on the ground, never to be found again.  So while you’re ordering, have Sam
make one or two spares.  You can’t beat the price.  And keep in mind, the caps
not only help to eliminate dust and other contaminates from collecting on the
lenses, they protect the rim and threads of the lens housing from damage.  
Hopefully you’ll never need to remove the lenses for repair or replacement, but
if you do it will almost be impossible if the threads are damaged.  And a bent
lens housing detracts from the overall appearance of a nice looking rifle scope

By the way, it should be obvious but I’ll caution you anyway.  If the rim of your
scopes lens housing is bent or the threads are damaged, don’t expect the caps
Sam sends you to fit easily or at all without a good bit of work on your part.  If
they do thread in but are tight or hit tight spots, they can be lapped in using
automotive valve grinding compound or better yet, J-B Bore Cleaning
Compound.  Use the compound sparingly on the cap threads and be sure to
protect the scope lenses.  The abrasive material in the compounds will damage
the lens coating.  One technique to help protect the lens is to tape over it.  
Repeatedly screwing the cap in and out should remove the tight spots if it’s not
too bad.  I use Q-Tips soaked in solvent to gently remove the compound
afterwards while ensuring the solvent does not contact the lens as it may remove
the lens coatings.  Only alcohol is applied to the lenses in my scopes when

Wishing you great shooting,